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We’ll fix your web site or your money back! Call 202-415-9800.

Don’t waste time tearing your hair out. Let our web programming experts take a look. We can identify and repair most problems quickly – and save you the frustration and wasted time doing it yourself. Your issue may be related to any number of things – from the code running your site to the DNS at your domain registrar. Our expertise and proven diagnostic process allows us to quickly narrow down your issue, so you don’t have to run in circles.

We’ve been developing and maintaining web sites for years, and our senior developers have been involved in web technologies since the 1990s. There are many web site “experts” out there, but very few of them have the technical expertise to dig deep down into someone else’s code and figure out what’s going on.

Depending on the issue, we may even be able to offer a money back guarantee. If we can’t fix your problem, you don’t pay.


You can call our web site repair department directly at 202-415-9800 or fill out the form below to get in touch.

  • Corrupted Database

  • Internal Server Errors

  • PHP Interpreter Issues

  • Malware & Hacking

  • Blank Pages

  • Server Overload

  • Unexplained Slowdowns

  • E-Mail Delivery Issues

  • DNS Issues

  • Browser Compatibility

  • SSL Issues

  • SQL Errors

  • Form Processing Issues

  • Script Installation Issues

  • Theme Installation Issues

  • Permissions Issues

  • Applications

  • Christine Romani-Ruby
    Working with Squidix was like having my own data/web team. For a small business, their services are perfect. They answered all of my questions, solved my problems quickly and efficiently, and gave me great advice [...]for the future. They are the only company that has been able to help me with Moodle effectively. I consider them now part of my team that will help me run my business successfully.

    Christine Romani-Ruby at PHI Pilates January 24, 2015

  • Garrett Faust
    Working with Squidix was great. I was charged a flat rate rather than $/hour to work on my site, tooiy.com. Something I was looking for as I have never worked with a [...]consultant before and had some concerns about how the relationship might work. Anyways, I had 2 problems I needed fixed. The first was fixed in about 10-15 minutes. It was at this time that I was charged. I think this was done by Squidix to help build customer confidence. Which worked. I paid my fee and Squidix proceeded to fix my second problem. I could tell they were working hard to fix it as we emailed back and fourth numerous times, discussing detailed things (very fast response time). In summary, I am a happy customer and would recommend Squidix to others.

    Garrett Faust at Tooiy.com August 14, 2014

  • Andre LaFlamme
    I’ve hired Squidix for custom development on multiple occasions. Each time the work has been flawless and response times have been outstanding. Their consistency and fair pricing has stopped me from looking to hire [...]an in-house developer.

    Andre LaFlamme at PMCJAX June 30, 2014

  • Zack Perkins
    Our company went to Squidix looking for an extremely convenient and hassle-free web hosting service. We have been so impressed with the support and efficiency of the Squidix team. Within just an hour, our [...]entire site was migrated over to the new servers with no problems whatsoever. The constant support from the team throughout the entire process and their willingness to address any web issues immediately has allowed us to focus our energies on growing our business. We highly recommend switching over!

    Zack Perkins at Admissions Hero LLC January 22, 2015

  • Will Donaldson
    Mr. Barrow provided the Marine Executive Association with WordPress modules that surpassed our expectations. His support, expertise and timeliness in PHP and WordPress were well worth his fees. I'd recommend him without reservation!"

    Will Donaldson at MEA January 31, 2013

  • Nick Eubanks
    Squidix has built one of the most customizable WordPress themes I have ever worked with. I am very impressed with the flexibility of the configurations and the support has been fantastic!

    Nick Eubanks at SEONick.net January 1, 2013